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Kappa Sigma Bags, Briefcases & Totes

Every time you load your Kappa Sigma Bags, Briefcases and Totes with books, electronics and supplies you can relax knowing that they're secure and well-organized. You can also relax knowing that you're getting a great deal for your money.
You don't have to have a whole lot on your plate to justify owning the Briefcase Attache. It's a black carrying bag that you might see a CEO taking to work. The best feature is the back compartment, which opens like an expandable folder to hold your paperwork. It's not just for CEOs, it's also for juniors, seniors or grads who need a safe place to store their essays and dissertations.
If you're a sports guy or like to travel, a duffel bag is a must. We have two styles that you'll want to review: the Metro and Voyager Sports Duffel Bags. They come in two colors -- the primary shade with a black background. You'll be happy to learn that there is a red and green bag color available for each item. They have plenty of room for all the stuff you need when traveling around the country.
If you're a Kappa Sigma member or a family member, Bags, Briefcases and Totes make great gifts. Pick the one that will best fit your needs for the school year ahead!