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Kappa Sigma Hats and Visors

Kappa Sigma Hats and Visors

One of these Kappa Sigma Hats and Visors are bound to end up hanging from your headboard in the coming months. They're colorful, diverse and versatile -- useful for all seasons.
Every time you wear your fraternity hat, there's a chance that someone who would make a great member will notice it. This is how interests turn into potential new members and eventually initiates. The Flatbill Snapback is definitely one that will be hard to miss, with its large embroidered letters and custom message. There is even a choice of font style for the words, including Times and Punkd fonts.
For the winter, check out the Beanie Ski Cap, which is ideal if you need a knit hat that you can pull down over your ears. Get a basic Lettered Hat for a hat that will best shield your face from the sun. If you check the page for the hat that you like, see if it gives you the option to add your name to the back for a small added fee. When you see how good it looks, you'll probably want to hold onto it for a long time.
Give one of these Kappa Sigma Hats and Visors as a gift to someone who loves a good baseball cap. It's a gift that's worth every penny!