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Kappa Sigma Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Alumni are former members who have been in your shoes. Celebrate them and let them know how much you appreciate them with Kappa Sigma Alumni and Graduation Gifts from Greek Gear.
One of the best gifts you can buy an alum or outgoing undergrad is a paddle that commemorates his time at the chapter. In fact, many big brothers expressly request paddles as gifts when asked. Click the main menu to find "Paddles and Picture Frames" that you can customize. Another popular present for alum members is the Greek Alumni Hoodie, which you'll find under "Greek Graduation Gifts" (click the "See all grad gifts" link).
Outgoing grads are loaded with things to do toward the end of their last semester in college, including final exams, tying up loose ends with professors and finding employment. One thing the chapter brother you know might forget is to get his Graduation Sash Stole for the day he gets his degree. Order one for him from this Greek Gear page -- maybe red or green with white letters, depending on the color of the school's graduation robe.
Every one of the Kappa Sigma Alumni and Graduation Gifts you buy from this section will be a treasure to your giftee, so order away!