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Kappa Sigma Paddles

Some guys prefer to "get crafty" and create fraternity crafts at home, while others choose to let the pros create their Kappa Sigma Paddles and Picture Frames. Whichever option you choose, there's something in this section that will appeal to you.
Every paddle we sell is shaped and manufactured with care. If you want to build your own paddle and add your own "flair," get the Discount Paddle. It's a medium-colored wood paddle that simply features an image of your crest and black engraved Greek letters. If you prefer a pre-designed paddle that can be personalized, order the Custom Full Color Paddle. When your chapter brothers see your unique paddle, they will probably want one for themselves. Tell them you got it from Greek Gear.
When you're in a fraternity, home decor from a department store just won't do. You want specialty dicor that will serve as a continual reminder of your ties to your organization. There's a perfect place in your living room or bedroom where you can feature your custom fraternity paddle -- maybe above a mantel or on the back of a door.
If you're a Kappa Sigma or someone who's looking for a gift for a member that you care about, this section of Paddles and Picture Frames is a great place to start.