Kappa Sigma Umbrellas & Golf Items

Every fun bone in your body will be eager to order from this listing of Kappa Sigma Recreational and Golf Items. Why not have a good time while showing solidarity with your fraternity.
You're professional and educational all week long. But when the weekend comes, recreation is understandably on your mind. Go to your next outing with a few items from this page, like the Wayfarer Style Lens Sunglasses. If there's anything that spells out an exciting and colorful time, it's these red, white and green shades. The Kappa Sigma Letters appear on the right hand lens while the crest is at the center of the left lens. Get these fun glasses when they're on special to give as gifts to new members.
Golf lovers will feel even closer to the game when all of their gear is imprinted with K-Sig symbols and letters. That includes the golf balls, towel and divot tools that are custom-designed with an image of your fraternity crest in shades of red, white and green.
Keep these special Kappa Sigma Recreational and Golf Items in your chapter house or in your car trunk for quick access on an impromptu trip to the beach or a barbecue party. Enjoy every moment!