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Kappa Sigma Stickers & Decals

Kappa Sigma Stickers & Decals

When you finally get your letters, you should feel confident displaying them on everything that you own. It's easy to do so with Kappa Sigma Stickers and Decals from Greek Gear.
Every member should have at least one piece of paraphernalia. When you have the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet, you can have over 10. Just gather all of your most important items, including your smartphone, tablet, writing books and folders and label away. If you have decals left over, put them in your car or on your motorcycle.
The K-Sig Proud Bumper Sticker is designed for the bumper of your car, but you can also use it in your dorm room. Position it at the bottom of your mirror for a daily reminder of the fraternity you're proud of. Get the Giant 4" American Flag Greek Letter Sticker so that you can place them on the back of your chairs at your next Fourth of July barbecue at the chapter house. There's also a smaller version of this sticker, sized at about 2.5 inches tall.
Get plenty of Kappa Sigma Stickers and Decals today -- even if you don't need them all today, they will likely be useful to you and your fellow chapter members in the near future.