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Kappa Sigma Sale Items

It sure is hard to resist a good deal, especially when it's on Kappa Sigma paraphernalia. These Sale Items are affordable, practical and popular with members.
The more para you own, the more you can promote your organization on campus. Load up on these sale items and you'll be covered for at least the next two semesters at school. We have more than a few t-shirts that you can buy for between $10 to $15, including the World Famous Crest Tee, the Flag T-Shirts and the EPIC T-Shirt. They all have varied designs that incorporate your colors and official symbols.
If you're looking for a really cheap gift for under $5, there are a couple of items to check out: the Nation Plastic Cup and the Cheap Pens. Both products are likely to be of use to you every day of the week. Buy lots of cheap K-Sig pens so that you can use them during recruitments season and for signing your guest book.
When you see some of the discount prices on these Kappa Sigma Sale Items, you'll be amazed at how much you can load into your shopping bag. More sales and closeouts will be added with time, so revisit this page often.