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Top Selling Kappa Sigma Items

Top Selling Kappa Sigma Items

We want to help our top customers have fast access to our Top Selling Items. This page is populated with hot selling Kappa Sigma products and para.
If your plan is to wear your para as often as possible, get a Kappa Sigma Anorak. It is red with a white horizontal stripe at the center. The crest logo contains a green-lettered banner, so all three of your fraternity colors are represented. The same is true for the Rugby Shirt, which also has horizontal stripes and looks amazing with a pair of khaki shorts.
Members like to wear the Kappa Sigma Most Wanted Man in the Country T-shirt when they want to make a bold statement to the world. And the Number One -- Second to None shirt is popular for the same reason. A lot of members love working out and participating in sports, which is why the Lettered Sleeveless Tee and Tank Top are must-haves in every color.
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