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Lambda Chi Alpha Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks Watches

If the last piece of jewelry you purchased was your high school graduation ring, update your collection with Lambda Chi Alpha Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches from Greek Gear.

Do you want a watch that not only expresses your personal style but also your commitment to your fraternity? Get the Greek Classic Wristwatch. The great thing about this slim watch is that can be worn every day as well as to business and formal events. It looks just right whether you're wearing a tailored suit or a sweat suit. But if you're the sporty type, you might prefer the Lambda Chi Alpha Sports Watch instead. It has a larger face and wider band made of leather.

A lot of guys don't see the purpose in owning a ring until they're married, but you'll soon find that a masculine ring can be a great addition to your ensemble at formal affairs and business meetings. The LCA Tungsten Ring is an enduring style made of one of the toughest metals in the world. Your fraternity's full name and founding year will form a circle around your finger.

Buy Lambda Chi Alpha Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches so that you'll be 100 percent prepared for every fraternity gathering, social event and business affair that you'll attend while away at college. They will be special keepsakes forever.