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Lambda Chi Alpha Desk & Office Items

Your desk area should be an oasis where you get peace and feel inspired to do what needs to be done each day. Our selection of Lambda Chi Alpha Desk and Office Items will help you create your ideal "refuge."

If you're still a student in college you might not have a nameplate yet, but you can get a Marble Paperweight with your name on it instead. It's a small block of black marble that has rough, worn edges as if it were chipped out of a larger piece of marble. The Lambda Chi Alpha circular crest logo appears at the center. Kitty-corner it on your desk and use it to hold down important mail.

Another way to spruce up the top of your desk is to buy a Wooden Pen Set customized with your name. The medium-colored wood is polished to perfection and engraved in black lettering. Just keep it at the top of your desk and grab it whenever you need a nice pen to sign important paperwork. You'll also find it useful to keep a Flag Portfolio book handy on your desk for taking down notes. It's a royal purple notebook with the Cross and Crescent symbol positioned at the center flanked by three golden stars.

These handsome Lambda Chi Alpha Desk and Office Items make thoughtful gifts for men in all walks of life, from freshmen just starting out to corporate guys who have been out of school for years.