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Lambda Phi Epsilon Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Lambda Phi Epsilon Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Every one of these Lambda Phi Epsilon Mugs, Cups, and Glasses has the potential to become your favorite cup of all time. Get one for each of your usual daily beverages, from coffee and tea, to hot cocoa, to your first glass of pomegranate juice in the morning.

How do you take your coffee? Whether it's black, light and sweet, or made with a touch of hazelnut, it will look more appetizing and taste better when it's sipped out of an LPhiE Bistro mug. It has a wider opening so your coffee is easier to cool and you can sniff, sip, and enjoy your hot beverage in comfort while reading the school paper. Also makes a great tea mug.

A good portion of your morning is probably spent driving in your car to campus, to your fraternity meetings, or to your internship off-campus. We have travel mugs that are designed to fit snugly in the cup holder inside your car so that you'll never be late to your morning, afternoon, or evening obligations. The Vacuum Insulated Tumbler promises to keep your drinks very cold or very hot for hours.

What other mugs, cups, and glasses do you want to buy to add to your collection of Greek paraphernalia? Contact the Greek Gear team to find out more about all of the options that we have in our online store for Lambda Phi Epsilon members.