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Lambda Phi Epsilon Paddles

Lambda Phi Epsilon Paddles

Gathering a diverse collection of Greek paraphernalia can become a hobby for a fraternity member. One must-have item is a wooden paddle, custom engraved with your history, name, and other important information. Browse our current selection of Lambda Phi Epsilon Paddles and find one that will be uniquely yours.

Fraternity members have all sorts of ideas for what they want to do with their paddles. Some choose to hang them using the leather strap from a nail on the wall, while others lay them down on a desk or dresser top. If you're ever blessed to get a corner office, you can lean it up inside of a display case or next to a window.

Decide what you want the LPhiE paddle you pick to say -- it could be something official and momentous, or something fun and lighthearted. It depends on the personality of the person who will own it. Take your time and be creative about what you want the text to say, and confirm it after submitting your personalized order.

You can't beat our deals and quality when it comes to Lambda Phi Epsilon Paddles. We go through many steps to ensure that you get exactly what you or your recipient wants at the best possible price. Reach out to the Greek Gear team if you have any questions about your custom order of wooden LFE paddles.