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Mason Made Fast Items

When you do get a moment to sit down and order some things you need online, you don't always have the luxury to spend a long time browsing and searching. To save yourself some time, just buy these Masonic Easy to Order - Made Fast Items.

While some of our items for Masons require more time to craft, submit, manufacture and ship, these items are easy to order in just a few clicks. For instance, the Masons Tiki Necklace is predesigned with light medium and dark beading and a wooden charm featuring the Masonic Square and Compass symbol. There's also a Pewter Money Clip that's made with a bright blue and gold logo at the center (get it produced in just 1 working day for a small added fee).

We sometimes offer a few personalizable items that can be produced and shipped relatively quickly, like the beautifully woven Masonic Afghan. It's made with a dark blue background and soft yellow border -- of course the universal Freemason symbol is featured at the center.

Masonic Easy to Order - Made Fast Items include everything from casual and formal jewelry to items you can hang up in your home to things to put in your pocket or briefcase. Quick ordering and prompt delivery to your doorstep!