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Mason Umbrellas & Golf Items

Fun times are some of the most memorable ones. When you're headed out with your fellow Masonic brothers, whether it's for a retreat or time on the green, go prepared with quality Recreational and Golf Items from Greek Gear.

Recreational items for Masonic members include balls, playing cards and even mini basketball hoops to help you take a "mental break" at work. And we all know we need those from time to time. A lot of our customers land here looking for golf gear -- we have a few things you'll find useful. Start by adding a set (or two) of Personalized Golf Balls to your cart; they're imprinted with a replica of the Square and Compasses logo in blue and gold. There's also a matching Golf Set (divot tool and ball marker).

If you and your fellow members or friends like to barbecue every summer, there are a few particular products that will add to your fun and relaxation. Bring the Poker Set outside with you for a card game and have a set of recreational chairs for each player. There's even a customizable apron for the "master of the grill."

Make recreation and vacation time a top priority this year -- you and your fellow Masons deserve it. You're sure to have more than a few uses for these Masonic Recreational and Golf Items when you visit the beach, park, golf course and other fun places on the weekends and holidays.