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Omega Psi Phi Desk & Office Items

When you want a gift for a professional Omega Psi Phi man, whether he's a working professional or just a dedicated student, buy him Desk and Office Items from Greek Gear. Each item here is unique, appealing and inspiring in some way.

One of the principles of Omega Psi Phi is scholarship, so make sure that you've created a study area that will support that goal. Keep the Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad on your desktop so that you can write down your assignments and take notes to remember important concepts for your classes. It can also be used as a sketch pad if you're an artist.

Add a special, classical touch to your work desk by ordering a Horizontal Desk Clock. It will inspire you to keep up with your school schedule and be on time to your appointments and classes. Sometimes you need a regular clock to stay on track instead of just relying on a cellphone screen throughout the day.

Many of these Omega Psi Phi Desk and Office Items are fine and professional enough to take from school straight to your first entry level job after college graduation. So add a couple of these specialty items to your shopping bag today.