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Fraternity & Sorority Party Themes and Ideas

Fraternity & Sorority Party Themes and Ideas

Trying to plan the perfect party? Let Greek Gear help with dozens of tried-and-true party ideas that will get everyone in the spirit for some fun and frivolity. Whether you're planning a casual get-together with your favorite brothers and sisters or a full-out party that the entire campus can enjoy, you'll find fun games and theme ideas at Greek Gear. Want your party to be over the top? Check out our T-shirts, glassware and other party favors to really make it a night to remember.

At Greek Gear, we're more than just an online retailer. We're your number one resource for all things Greek. Whether you're looking for ideas for fall-themed rush functions, decorations for AKA week themes, funs sorority themes for parties or just Greek social ideas to bring your house together, you'll find everything you need in one place at Greek Gear. We even have great recruitment ideas for fraternities that will help drum up interest and boost your numbers. Ready to start planning? Check out these great party ideas for your next event.

ROAD RALLY: A classic test of driving skills based not on speed but accuracy. Pre-design and drive a course using the speed limit to determine ideal time. Develop written direction clues and match up guests with members to for teams. Follow the event with a cookout and prizes for the shortest time, longest time and those who got lost. Clear your plans with the local authorities.

MORTICIAN'S BALL: All guest wear black. Decorate with dead flowers, coffins, dry ice and other items of ghoulish inspiration. Serve appropriate "mocktails" and snacks. This is a good event for Halloween time.

BOX LUNCH AUCTION: Arrange with a sorority to provide picnic or box lunches for two. Prospects and brothers bid on boxes not knowing who made them. Buyers share their lunch with the girl who made it. An interesting way to help guests make friends on campus and have a great picnic. Proceeds can go to charity.

BALLOONS N' TUNES: Decorate with an overabundance of helium balloons and dance the night away.

GO GREEK PARTY: Decorate room with Romanesque pillars made from cardboard and construction paper. Everyone dresses in togas and enjoys grape juice, punch and spritzers.

CRAZY BALL: Sponsor a joint softball game with a chapter of the opposite sex. Prior to the game, the women establish crazy rules: make the men run backwards, hit the ball with one hand, etc. Top off the afternoon with a cookout.

CHICKEN FRY: Excellent event not only for guests but also alumni, parents and faculty. An outside affair to include fried chicken in large cast-iron skillets and a bluegrass band.

PREMIERE! : Brothers/sisters use portable recorders or home movie camera to create a fraternal film complete with plot, characters and director. After film is finished, a gala premier is held, with autograph signing by "stars", spotlights and film showing. Has proven to be a classic event not soon forgotten.

SOLICITOR'S BALL: Theme party in which guests dress as men and ladies of the evening. Costumes can be outrageous or discreet. Serve non-alcoholic punch, hors d'oeuvres and dance to the music of a "funky" band.

STUDY BUDDY: provide guests with study kits that include snacks, fruit, aspirin, study supplies, etc. Deliver kits to the guests' rooms with notes wishing them well with tests, etc. and inviting them over to a study break one night.

NIGHT OF THE GYPSIES: An evening of fortune telling complete with palmists, tarot card readings and gypsies with crystal ball. Obviously, fraternity/sorority membership could be in everyone's future!

ROUND ROBINS: A weekend round-robin tournament for any athletic activity can be held for all chapters and invited dormitories. All contestants must receive an invitation to participate and the chapter provides rules, umpires and trophies. Make arrangements for ample publicity.

FOOD FESTIVAL: Chapter sponsored booths featuring different ethnic foods. Local restaurants should be solicited for their involvement and the event could be campus-wide.

HAYRIDE AND BONFIRE: Set up a hayride. Invite a sorority and take your guests for a ride out to a field where a bonfire had been set up. A perfect fall event.

SWIMMING POOL PARTY: This can be held at a brother's/sister's or an alumni/ae's home or at a school or community pool. Food and beverages can be served.

HIKING: This can be done with small groups. If you're near a state park or other wooded area, you're in luck! This sort of activity can be done any time of year.

RENT A BUS FOR AWAY GAMES: Reserve a bus and take your guests to an away football or basketball game.

BRUNCHES: For a change of pace, have an early weekend brunch. It's a great way to start the weekend with the guests.

DJ PARTIES: Hire a DJ and set up a good stereo system; invite over a sorority and have a party. Serve soft drinks and snacks.

HAWAIIAN LUAU: Decorate the house in a tropical motif, leis, rented tropical plants. Hawaiian shirts and posters, etc. Roast a pig, serve pineapple and coconuts. Have a non-alcoholic punch.

CANOE EXPEDITION: If there's a river nearby, this can be an excellent day event for a group of brothers/sisters and guests. Pack bag lunches to take with you.

GOLF OUTING: Make arrangements with a local golf course for group rates. Invite guests and local alumni and hit the links! This can be fun for everyone - even those who aren't expert golfers.

EXCHANGE SUPPERS: Invite a sorority/fraternity over for dinner along with your guests or split up the group and send half to the other house and have the other half at your house.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT PARTY: This can be a fun small group event. All you need is a few Trivial Pursuit boards and a group of guests. Get set to test your knowledge.

AROUND THE WORLD: Instead of a different drink in every room, set up different kind of food with soft drinks or some other beverage (non-alcoholic) from that country. Decorate the rooms to match.

CARD PARTY: Break out the cards and set up different games. use peanuts instead of money as barter. Offer prizes for those with the most peanuts at the end of the night.

COFFEE SHOP WITH ENTERTAINMENT: Serve coffee, tea and "mocktails" with hors d'oeuvres. Have a folk or jazz band or speaker from campus. Set up tables around your main room to look like a coffee shop.

SNOW OR SAND PARTY: Have a contest to see who can make the most creative sculpture. Depending on the locale, you can serve either hot chocolate or coffee with doughnuts or hot dogs, chips and pop.

PUMPKIN CARVING: Set up teams of members and guests - provide pumpkins, set your watches and have a timed contest to see who has the best, worst and wildest pumpkins.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Offer any of the following events and activities that can be done with large or small groups of guests:

Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey. Basketball, Golf, Skiing, Football, Racquetball, Backpacking, Broomball, Ice/roller skating, Swimming, Bowling, Volleyball, Ping pong, Water Polo, Pool, Fishing, Bicycling, Darts, Water slides, Sailing, Miniature, Horseback riding

MEXICAN SOUTH OF THE BORDER PARTY: Serve tacos and other Mexican food. Break out the cowboy hats, sombreros and boots for this popular theme party. Decorate with piñatas, etc.

TRADITION NIGHT: Show the prospects a part of your heritage, tradition, and pride. Set up tables of chapter memorabilia, pictures, scrapbooks, trophies, etc. Invite alumni over and sing fraternity/sorority songs. Either dress formal or have the whole chapter wear letter shirts.

CAR SHOW: Check with local dealerships to see if you can have a sports car show at your house. Park the cars in your parking lot or driveway. Have in conjunction with a cookout.

NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY: This can be held anytime of the year! Serve food and non-alcoholic champagne (Meyers brand). Put up paper on the walls and have guests write their resolutions. Hand out noisemakers, etc.

MOVIES/VIDEO EVENTS: Get a popular film or a video player and cartridges. Show a film after dinner one evening. Serve soft drinks and munchies.

GUEST SPEAKERS: The possibilities are limitless here. Invite an outstanding alumnus, a member of the faculty or administration, sports coach, politician, etc., to speak after dinner or during an evening reception. Try to find an upbeat topic that will hold everyone' interests. Coffee, soft drinks, and light snacks can be served.

DESSERT NGHT: Set up a dessert table with cookies, cakes pies, ice cream, etc. Serve coffee, tea and punch, invite a fraternity/sorority or dorm over too.

BUILD YOUR OWN SUNDAES: Buy plenty of ice cream and let prospects choose their own toppings such as nuts, fudge, butterscotch strawberries, caramel, whipped cream, etc.

HYPNOTIST OR MAGICIAN SHOW: Either of these types of performances make for an enjoyable evening. Serve soft drinks and munchies.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: A favorite for the fall. All you need is a large TV, sacks and soft drinks.

GO AS A GROUP TO SCHOOL ATHLETIC EVENTS: Invite prospects over for dinner, then go a s a group to a school athletic event. Show your school spirit.

ROLLER OR ICE SKATING: Contact a rink to check out group rates and the possibility for renting the place for your group only. Serve hot chocolate and doughnuts back at the house.

GRAFFITI PARTY: Cover the walls with paper, provide magic markers and let guests write their favorite graffiti. Set up music and serve snacks and soft drinks.

AIR BAND COMPETITION: You can open this up to the entire campus. All you need is a stage, a sound system and a group of judges.

STEAK AND SHAKE PARTY: Grill some steaks with corn on the cob and bread. After dinner, crank up the music and hit the dance floor!

PJ PARTY: Call up your favorite sorority. Everyone wears pajamas and offer prizes for the wildest, sexiest and worst night wear. Music and dancing will round out this evening.