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Phi Beta Sigma T-Shirts & Shirts

Phi Beta Sigma T-Shirts & Shirts

A nice crisp tee goes with just about anything you want to wear, whether you're in a blue jeans and sneakers kinda mood, or you want to wear a pair of khaki shorts and boots. Our Phi Beta Sigma T-Shirts are the perfect choice in either case.

These classic shirts fly out of our warehouse every year -- they won't ever go out of style for Greeks because they allow you to look comfortable on campus while promoting your fraternity to your college community. For instance, check out the Phi Beta Sigma Sewn Tee, which features your letters 4 inches tall front and center across the chest. Keep scrolling and you'll see the State Tee, which comes in blue and white with your fraternity name arched above an image containing your letters. The Property of Est. Tee includes your org's founding year of 1914.

When it's time to party, we have a wide assortment of fun shirts for Sigma members to choose from, including the Vintage Greek Line Tee. It's crisp and brand new yet the image looks just a bit "distressed." Then there's an entire collection of blue and white shirts identified by number to shop, like Design #10. The image is a blue collage of your fraternity symbols with the fraternity name in white at the center.

The great thing about these Phi Beta Sigma T-Shirts is that you look good while representing your PHIne fraternity on campus. Get a bunch of shirts in every color, including white, blue, black and grey.