Phi Beta Sigma Blankets, Pillows & Home Goods

Aren't you tired of decorating your dorm room or apartment with the same boring blankets, pillows and throws that you can find in any home store? Add a touch of blue and white to the place where you lay your head with Phi Beta Sigma Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods from .

Home is where the heart is, and Greek Gear is where you'll find the best gear to dress up your home away from home at college. If you're looking for something to liven up your bedroom, get a Phi Beta Sigma Plaid Afghan Blanket. It's woven with a diagonally checkered blue and white pattern and images of your Greek letters. The Afghan Blanket Throw will look nice hanging on a wall.

You can also buy items that you'll need for your sofa or couch, like the square blue pillow decorated with your crest and letters in an attractive pattern. Keep a Sweatshirt Blanket folded on your couch as well to curl up with when you're watching a movie. And of course, don't forget to buy a blue Greek Lettered Welcome Mat to place in front of your front door or your dorm room door to let everyone know they're entering the realm of a proud Sigma man.

We're happy to offer this special selection of Phi Beta Sigma Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. Let us help you decorate your home in a style that always puts you in the mind of your distinguished fraternity.