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Phi Kappa Psi T-Shirts & Shirts

Phi Kappa Psi T-Shirts & Shirts

You probably already have plenty of t-shirts with catchy slogans and images on them, but do you have enough shirts with your Phi Kappa Psi letters on them? Order a batch of T-Shirts from our awesome collection today at a great deal.
If you ask your average frat guy what is his favorite piece of clothing, it will almost always be a lettered t-shirt. They're so easy to pull on when you're in a rush, have a relaxed fit and are easy to wash. We have a full range of t-shirt styles, including shirts for rush season and shirts for summertime fun.
The screen printed Vintage Greek Line Tee will probably be one of the first to catch your eye. For Phi Psi members, it comes in white or green with red lettering. The font and design has a distressed look although the shirt is brand new. If you buy them for a line of new members, the price per shirt could be as low as $7. There are also over a dozen custom screen printed designs that you can select by number.
You can count on Greek Gear to provide you with a full selection of Phi Kappa Psi T-Shirts in various styles and colors. Order in quantity for the best deal!