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Phi Kappa Sigma Mugs, Cups & Glasses

The first thing you probably do when you wake up in the morning is grab yourself something to drink. If you're going to enjoy your morning juice or cup of java, it should be in one of these attractive and colorful Phi Kappa Sigma Mugs, Cups and Glasses.
One of the most popular sellers from our selection of drinkware is the Nations Stadium Cup. It's a plastic tumbler cup that holds 22 ounces. The Big Plastic Stadium Cup holds 32 ounces, so you should buy this one if you have a major thirst that needs to be quenched daily. Both styles have your fraternity name and important symbols incorporated into the design.
Give the gift of glassware this year. It's timeless, memorable and will last for as long as you keep it in a safe place. Order a Glass Stein Mug with your wreath logo on the front and add a line of personalization (preferably a message of good will and blessings). It can be given as a standalone gift or filled with other small items.
Want a nice affordable gift for a member of Phi Kappa Sigma? Mugs, Cups and Glasses are just the thing. Order a set for a group and you'll enjoy a nice quantity discount on some items in the collection.