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Phi Kappa Sigma Stickers & Decals

If you take a glance around your dorm room or desk, you can probably spot at least four or five items that would look great with one of these Phi Kappa Sigma Stickers or Decals. It's the fastest way to label your possessions with your Greek letters.
Some of our stickers are imprinted with your Greek letters in shades of black and old gold, while others contain your symbols in an array of attractive colors. Take a closer look at the Crest Decal. The top panel is imprinted with the PKS coat of arms with the letters at the bottom in gold and black. There's a Water Slide Decal that you can simply dip in water to activate the adhesion to your opaque surface.
Car owners love to show their fraternity pride with bumper and window stickers. We have a Long Window Decal for Phi Kaps that goes inside of the car so it's not exposed to harsh weather.
Buy a few Phi Kappa Sigma Stickers and Decals for yourself and a few to give your favorite new members as thoughtful gifts. They will make a perfect addition to a gift set including other small fraternity merchandise, like pens and pencils.