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Phi Kappa Tau T-Shirts & Shirts

Phi Kappa Tau T-Shirts & Shirts

You probably already have a great selection of jeans, sneakers and hat in your closet, now it's time to spend some time attending to your t-shirt collection for dressing casual and comfortable at school. Start off by browsing our selection of Phi Kappa Tau T-Shirts.

We want you to feel proud of the para that you wear to school and parties. It's a memorable way for potential interests to get to know your organization. The Lettered T-Shirt is a common choice (white with red and gold letters) as is the Custom Twill Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Both are available for about $15.

There's something about the Whale Flag T-Shirt that lightens the mood and makes you smile. Maybe it's because the illustrated gold and red whale is happy as a lark. The full Greek name of your organization appears under the whale along with the establishment year of your fraternity (1906). Scroll the page further and you'll see a full selection of screen printed designs that include your fraternal letters, symbols and images.

We go through great lengths to ensure that you can purchase expressive and impressive T-Shirts labeled with your Phi Kappa Tau name and symbols. Enjoy your Greek Gear shopping experience!