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Phi Kappa Theta T-Shirts & Shirts

Phi Kappa Theta T-Shirts & Shirts

Make a powerful statement both on campus and off by wearing Phi Kappa Theta T-Shirts 7 days a week. We have such a wide variety of shirt styles available that it's totally possible to make them a regular part of your daily wardrobe.
We're bringing our A-game when it comes to designing and manufacturing T-shirts for Greeks. You can count on finding an amazing selection of screen printed shirts in stock, and we have them ordered by number. For example, there's Design #6, which features your motto of "Give, Expecting Nothing Thereof" at the top and fraternity name inside of a banner. Design #7 is more of a "rocker" style tee with your founding year at the center.
A classic tee that just about every new fraternity brother owns or wants to get is the Vintage Greek Line Tee. It's a simple shirt that features your Greek letters and full fraternity name separated by a bar, but it's all you need to tell the world that you've joined the Phi Kap chapter at your school.
No matter how many Phi Kappa Theta T-Shirts you already have in your collection, there's room for just one or two more. Order a few today!