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Phi Mu Sportswear

Phi Mu Sportswear

Get in the mood to work it out every day with Phi Mu Sportswear from Greek Gear. Sorority members are excited to learn that they have a special place to find sweatpants, jerseys, tank tops, shorts, yoga gear and more to wear for their exercise routines.

Play your favorite sport in style while looking sorority girl fresh in a Sporty Slub T-Shirt. It's a v-neck tee with striped sleeves and a large, loose bottom that makes it extremely comfortable when you're moving around. The Phi Mu tail logo and Greek letters are etched across the front in pink with a white border. Wear it with a pair of Phi Mu Heart Banner Capri Pants.

Sometimes the outfit that you wear will motivate you to want to be more active in your day. When you put the Velocity Running Shorts on, there's no question that you'll be doing some running that morning or afternoon. Wearing the Game Day Chevron Jersey might motivate you to throw a football around with your boyfriend or best friend in the park.

Continue your commitment to physical fitness this school year and buy Phi Mu Sportswear to wear when you're exercising, playing, running and stretching. Also find jackets and outerwear for the fall semester on the main menu.