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Phi Mu Drinkware & Glassware

Now that you're an official member of the "faithful sisters," it's time to load up on Greek Gear to use at your dorm, including Phi Mu Drinkware and Glassware. The cups and mugs you see here are customized with your sorority sayings, letters and images.

Your entire cabinet can be filled with beautiful white and rose colored cups -- just order a box of Monogrammed or Classic Giant Plastic Cups. These cups are a major improvement on the disposable cups that you probably buy at the grocery store all of the time. And if you do the math, you'll probably find that you'll save a bundle in the course of a year if you buy a few of these cups to keep in your bedroom.

You'll find it difficult to resist purchasing at least one Phi Mu Tervis Tumbler. These reinforced sorority cups are a hit with members of all ages due to its attractive and colorful design. You can buy this clear tumbler with the matching water bottle, which is convenient for toting around campus or taking to the gym on the weekends.

A few of the Phi Mu Cups, Mugs and Glasses in this section offer you the option to add your own personal touch, such as a message of hope or your motto, "Les Soeurs Fideles." Put in your order so that you'll have your cups in time for the first day of classes.