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Phi Mu Buttons, Pins & Magnets

If you've come to Greek Gear looking for inexpensive sorority merchandise, start with our selection of Phi Mu Buttons and Magnets. Many of them cost around $5 or less as you'll see as you scroll through this page.

Interests won't have a doubt in their minds that you are a member of Phi Mu when you wear the 110% Sorority Button on your blouse. When you're that dedicated to your sorority potential new members will want to know why and ask for more information. If you want to wear a different button every day of the work week plus Saturday, order the Sorority Buttons 6-Pack -- it includes the 110% Button as well as a flag and heart-shaped button for members.

Dorothy said it best: there's no place like home -- even when it's your 2nd home at school. Add some rose pink and white color to your dorm room fridge with the Sweet Home Ceramic Magnet. Choose the state that you love best, whether it's Texas, Illinois or South Dakota.

Phi Mu Buttons and Magnets are small, inexpensive tokens of your sorority membership that let the world know just how proud you are to be a member. Stock up on them for yourself and your fellow members today!