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Phi Mu Stationery, Pens & Pencils

Buy Phi Mu Stationery, Pens and Pencils so that you can put them everywhere that's convenient, including your desk, book bag and kitchen. If you're going to write something, why not make it on one of these pretty pads with a pretty pink pen.

Having the right writing materials on hand is important when you're attending college. Keep a cup full of Retractable Stylus Pens and Phi Mu New Pens on your desk so that you don't ever have to waste time looking for something to write with. When you're taking your written exams and need a number 2 pencil, get a pink Phi Mu one from this section.

Before you go to bed at night, write down a to-do list for the following day on the Phi Mu Mascot Notepad next to your bed. Sir Fidel the Lion is peeking out from the corner at you with a smile. The quatrefoil symbol is shown on the pink and white striped Mascot Notepad. Also add a Peace Memo Pad to your shopping bag -- it's perfect for keeping in the side pocket of your school bag for quick notes.

For just a few bucks you can have plenty of Phi Mu Stationery, Pens and Pencils to use throughout the school year. These items are also a good place to start when you're creating a sorority gift kit.