Phi Sigma Phi Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Chances are that your experience as a Phi Sigma Phi will not end on graduation day. You'll still be there for the organization long after that, which is why our Alumni and Graduation Gifts are in high demand.

If you're going to join the alumni who went through your chapter, why not let the whole world know about the organization you joined while in college. We sell a special oversized Alumnus sweatshirt that features your Greek letters above the front pocket. Wear this when you're mowing your lawn at the first house you buy after college or when going back to campus for homecoming.

When you go to your office every morning, having a Phi Sigma Phi desk item will be a welcome sight. We sell everything from small desk clocks to keepsake boxes with intricate engravings. Frame a photo of you and your favorite college buddies with one of our wooden picture frames (see the PSP main menu). You can also still pay homage to your beloved frat by taking a fraternity briefcase with you to work.

Alumni members are just as important to the chapter as undergrads. We'll keep you stocked with Phi Sigma Phi Alumni and Graduation Gifts and you keep being a beacon of light for your fellow members.