Phi Sigma Phi Desk & Office Items

You can get more done at your desk when you're properly motivated. Check out these ideas for incorporating these Phi Sigma Phi Desk and Office Items into your dorm room or office for motivational purposes.

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk looking at your computer screen? You can add a quote or saying to the front of the black Marble Paperweight and display it right next to your PC. For instance, you could write in "Wisdom, Honor and Justice" to remind you of your fraternity and personal values.

Are pens, notes and trinkets scattered all around your desk in disarray? Put them in one place: the Phi Sigma Phi Keepsake Box. This gorgeous little polished wooden box is engraved with the fraternity's emblem and one line of text in an elaborate script font. We also sell two portfolios -- one that's fun and colorful (the Flag Portfolio), and another that is more professional (the Leatherette style with Notepad).

Get Phi Sigma Phi Desk and Office Items and use them to help you stay motivated about the tasks you have before you. Greek Gear also sells signs and banners that you can personalize and hang above your work area.