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Phi Sigma Sigma Formal & Party Favors

Phi Sigma Sigma Formal & Party Favors

Formal season is coming soon and if you're in charge of social event planning, you'll want to spend some time browsing our selection of Phi Sigma Sigma Formal and Party Favors. Count on getting a good deal on a bulk order of sorority merchandise for your guests.

Being about to bring like-minded people together at one fine event, whether it's a formal dinner or a dance, is very special. Make sure that everyone who attends is always bonded by your uniquely designed formal party favor. Options include glasses, tote bags and t-shirts. If you're hosting a formal that will include an awards ceremony, we can help you create custom awards. See the "Fraternity and Sorority Awards" section on the paddles, awards and picture frames page.

After the party there may be an after party, but after the after party you want your guests to still have something special to remind them of the fun time they had. Send each person home with a Custom Printed Flyer, Towel or Button that essentially says "I was there" along with the date and event name.

Colorful blue and gold Phi Sigma Sigma Formal and Party Favors are at your fingertips. Just place a design your own order at today!