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Phi Sigma Sigma Drinkware & Glassware

Before you go to your local discount store and buy another standard cup or glass, check out our Phi Sigma Sigma Drinkware and Glassware for members. Many of these items are brand new and so cute that you'll find them hard to pass up!

Enjoy a fresh fruity drink each morning before school in a Glitter Tumbler. Who knew that drinking a cold beverage could be so cool? If you don't have time to enjoy your favorite drink at your dorm, just pour it in a Stainless Steel Shimmer Water Bottle and take it with you to class.

If you want something really nice to feature on your nightstand or dresser, get a sorority Glass Stein and personalize it with a message that only you would understand. For instance, you might have it imprinted with "LITP" or a short ode to your sphinx symbol. The Keep Calm and Phi Sig On Coffee will likely become your favorite -- you might want to bring it along with you to your favorite coffee shop on campus.

Before and after class, take some time to relax in your dorm room with Phi Sigma Sigma Drinkware and Glassware. Also see our full selection of home goods, which includes comfy robes and cozy sorority blankets.