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Phi Sigma Sigma Key Rings & Keychains

Before the Phi Sigma Sigma college lady in your life goes back to school, get her a few gifts that she'll need besides just regular school supplies, like Key Rings and Keychains. Greek Gear carries more than a few different options for you to choose from.

If you want to get her a keyring that's "cute as a button" order her the Custom Mascot Keychain. It's blue with an image of a red American Beauty Rose (the sorority flower) at the top. Find out the nickname that her sisters have given her and have this keychain personalized with it -- it shows you went out of your way to be thoughtful.

Our keychains can be used for more than just keys -- they also make nice decorative additions to bags and jackets. For instance, try adding a Crest Keyring to a jacket zipper (see our "Jackets and Outerwear" section for an array of sorority jacket choices). The Letter Keyring will also make zipping a jacket open and closed easier.

In addition to Phi Sigma Sigma Key Rings and Keychains we also sell car merchandise for sorority members. Browse the full main menu and you'll find that buying a special gift for a phenomenal Phi Sig lady is quite easy, and very affordable.