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Phi Sigma Sigma Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

Planning a retreat or trip to your local state park with your sorority sisters soon? Order Phi Sigma Sigma Recreational and Seasonal Items in advance of the big day.

If backpacking in the woods is your happy place, we have a few items you'll want to bring in your hiking bag, including the Phi Sigma Sigma Golf Towel. The great thing about this towel is that it has a convenient hook that you can link to your bag or belt loop. If you guys decide to camp out for the night, a Recreational Chair will definitely come in handy at the campsite when you're sitting around telling stories.

On a rainy day, there's nothing quite like spending a day of relaxation indoors with your sorority sisters. Why not play a game of table tennis with Ping Pong Balls from Greek Gear, or start a game of billiards with a Sorority Pool Cue Ball? They're both imprinted with the Phi Sig sorority crest.

If you thought that Greek Gear was only cool t-shirts and jackets, now you know that our catalog is a lot more extensive. Pick up Phi Sigma Sigma Recreational, Seasonal Items and more creative and practical sorority merchandise today.