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Phi Sigma Sigma Stickers & Decals

Our site is divided into dozens of convenient sections and categories to make shopping for Phi Sigma Sigma gear easy and fun. The page you've just landed on is populated with our latest assortment of sorority stickers and decals.

What better decoration for a pretty brown wooden desk than a blue Mascot Greek Letter Sticker. Just place it somewhere next to where you keep your laptop -- the colors of your sorority letters will stand out and be a constant reminder of your organization as you're working. If you buy the Phi Sig Crest Decal, you can separate the top and bottom sticker to use in two different places.

If you have a corkboard or chalk board in your dorm room, decorate it with a Sorority Monogram Bumper Sticker at all four corners. They're super cheap (only a couple of bucks each) and feature your letters inside of an attractive Chevron design. If you prefer something that's more colorful, pick up a Floral Greek Monogram Sticker -- the pastel floral design is bordered in blue.

We love the ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma, and you'll love our selection of blue and gold stickers and decals. Keep Greek Gear's products in mind for recruiting season, bid day, crafting and exchanges of gifts between bigs and littles.