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Pi Kappa Alpha Hats and Visors

Pi Kappa Alpha Hats and Visors

It's not often you see a college guy without his trusty hat on, whether it's a baseball cap or beanie. This page is where you can buy all sorts of Hats and Visors for Pi Kappa Alpha members.

Be "a head" of the rest of your chapter brothers when it comes to Greek hats by buying a Throwback Game Hat. It's the style of hat that's most often worn by baseball or softball players, with a slightly curved brim and multiple panels. For Pike members, it's available in either red or white with gold puff (3D) letters. If you prefer a more rugged hat style for an outdoorsman, pick up a Lettered Camouflage Hat in desert, military or winter camo.

Winter hats and supplies for fraternity members are also our specialty. Guys love the Beanie Ski Cap because it provides the ultimate protection for the head and ears in colder weather and girls love it because of the cute fuzzy ball on the top. Match it with a Pi Kappa Alpha Winter Scarf, which has a very similar design.

The one unique selling point for some of these hats in this section is that they can be personalized. Buy and create your own Pi Kappa Alpha Hats and Visors for the fall and spring school semester.