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Pi Kappa Phi Desk & Office Items

When you get a Greek the right gift of paraphernalia, you can see it in their eyes—a look of excitement and delight. Being in a fraternity is a big deal, so this is something that they will treasure for many years to come. Browse this section of Pi Kappa Phi Desk and Office Items to find the perfect present.

College students accumulate a whole lot of “stuff” while theyre in school—especially when theyre in a Greek organization. Thats why a Keepsake Box is such a good idea. Its a rectangular box that can hold cards, invitations, small gifts and more. The Hard Mousepad is a gift that hell look at every day as he completes his school assignments at his desk.

College is a place where students learn how to present themselves to the world, so why not get them prepared with a professional gift like a Wooden Pen Set engraved with the members crest, fraternity and individual name. Or maybe a Business Card Holder, engraved with Pi Kappa Phi information—you can have a small order of business cards created to put inside of the tray. Now thats a gift hell always remember.

Our Pi Kappa Phi Desk & Office Items are beautifully designed and priced just right. If you have other gift ideas in mind, click the link to see all office items we have in stock for fraternity members.