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Psi Upsilon T-Shirts & Shirts

Psi Upsilon T-Shirts & Shirts

You are in good hands when you shop our selection of wearable Greek Gear. These Psi Upsilon T-Shirts are among our hottest selling items because you can wear them every day and they make amazing gifts.

It's a known fact that Greek Gear is one of the most extensive and reliable online sources of quality fraternity clothing, including hoodies, sweatpants and even boxers. This particular section is dedicated to long sleeve and short sleeve tees that you can wear with a pair of jeans and sneakers to your morning and afternoon classes.

Psi U Greek Sewn Lettered Shirts come in a wide selection of apparel colors, including gold, red, white, black and grey. You get to decide on the colors of the letters as well as the borders; we even have a selection of patterns. If you want an affordable tee, get the $15 Custom Twill Short Sleeve or the $20 Long Sleeve tee; it's the perfect pair for under 40 bucks with low cost ground shipping!

If your wardrobe for this college semester is lacking, start by stocking up on Psi Upsilon T-Shirts from Greek Gear. We also have other fraternity clothing made for members, like oxfords, polos, sweatshirts and even boxers.