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Psi Upsilon Umbrellas & Golf Items

Some people think that fraternity life is all about partying, when in fact you have countless duties to take care of during the week, including meetings, event planning, recruiting new members and studying for school. But when it IS time to have some fun, be prepared with Psi Upsilon Recreational and Golf Items from Greek Gear.

Its always time to have some fun when youre shopping for recreational items at Greek Gear. Our catalog is flush with products that you can wear while participating in fun activities or just watching them. One item Psi U members like to buy for themselves and each other are Croakies, which attach to the ends of our sunglasses or prescription glasses to ensure that they stay where theyre supposed to be. Another is the colorful pair of flip flops decorated with Psi Upsilon colors, letters and a line of custom text.

Greek Gear also has recreational items for Psi Upsilon members who like to enjoy themselves on the golf course, like lettered golf balls, divot tools and even golf towels for drying down after a long day of fun. Card players will like having the Poker Set on hand—it is a personalizable box that includes cards, chips and dice for a legit game.

You and your fellow chapter members deserve to have some entertainment after a long hard week at school. Find the extras you need for the weekends this semester on this page populated with Psi Upsilon Recreational and Golf Items.