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Psi Upsilon Stickers & Decals

Psi Upsilon Stickers & Decals

When you have to shop for a large group of new members, you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. These Psi Upsilon Stickers and Decals are affordable gifts that have many practical uses.

You dont have to break the bank to get someone a Greek gift that will have a practical use. As small as it seems, a simple sticker or decal can go a long way. Your friend can use it for school books, furniture (desks and mirrors), windows and in his car. They come designed with unmistakable Psi U colors and symbols.

Chapters are encouraged to stock up on stickers to use during rush and recruitment season, on bid day, at chapter meetings and when preparing important materials for ceremonies. We offer a bulk discount on most items in this section. Click the “See All Stickers” link to get a look at all of the various fraternity stickers we offer here at Greek Gear. If you see one you like that doesnt have an option for your group, just contact the GG customer service team for assistance.

You are in the right place if you want a useful yet affordable gift for a new Psi Upsilon initiate, or paraphernalia for your chapter to use. There are so many ways to use Stickers and Decals to promote and bring attention to your fraternity.