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Psi Upsilon Robes, Towels & Slippers

Enjoy your down time at home even more than usual with comfortable Psi Upsilon Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels from the Greek Gear catalog. They feature your fraternity symbols and colors.

You have every right to enjoy every moment of free time at after a long week of work at school. Not only do you have to do homework, attend classes and make meetings with your teaching assistants, you also have to handle fraternity business. Relax at home while wearing gear made for you and your fellow members.

In this section youll find plush velour robes, towels embroidered with your Greek letters and slippers that are so soft that it feels like youre slipping your feet into two mini pillows. We also have flip flops that you can wear into the showers, which are crucial for protection when youre sharing the bathroom with multiple frat guys. Some items can be customized with your name, chapter or a short phrase that is important to you.

Better keep a close eye on these Psi Upsilon Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels in your dorm! They're popular and practical products that your buddies are probably going to want to "borrow" from time to time this semester.