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Sigma Alpha Iota Alumna, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

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Long after the excitement of graduation day has passed, she'll still look at her Sigma Alpha Iota Alumna and Graduation Gifts with fond memories. Sorority para doesn't ever get old -- they're kept for decades.

Getting a gift for an alum of a sorority is something you want to put some thought into. Joining a sorority is a big deal and a huge commitment that stays with you for many years. A gift of wood is just the thing because wooden gifts are designed to last. Get her an Alumna Treasure Box, which is made of a very deep colored wood and features a window on top for a special photo. A wooden Alumna Crest Frame will also be a treasure to your recipient.

At her graduation day party, present her with an Alumna Tee Shirt to help her transition into her new role as an official alum of the chapter and your university. It's available at different price points as a short-sleeved tee, hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. Choose her favorite two colors for her alum shirt, whether it's white with red letters or red with sparkle silver letters.

Sigma Alpha Iota Alumna and Graduation Gifts make primo presents for seniors and alumnae of the sorority. Just wait until she opens her Greek Gear box and sees what you chose for her!