Sigma Alpha Iota Key Rings & Keychains

When you join a sorority, every bit of para you can get your hands on is special, including Key Rings and Keychains. These chains and charms are made especially for the ladies of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity.

A great gift doesn't have to cost a bundle, as you'll see when you check out the prices of our most popular keychains. The Engraved Chrome Keychain has a price point of under $15 and it's worth every dollar. It's made to last -- decades into the future your Greek letters will still be clearly visible on this black rectangular keychain. A similar style is the Silver Wood Rectangle Keychain, except it's designed with light-colored wood and metal accents.

Do you want something colorful to add to your instrument or school bag? Buy the Custom Mascot Keychain. It serves as a tag of sorts that will help label your most important items. The pan pipes symbol appears on the front along with a repeating pattern of your sorority name. You'll also like the red and white striped Chevron Keychain.

If you're going to give a gift to a member, give one that will matter to her on a daily basis. Give her the gift of Sigma Alpha Iota Key Rings and Keychains.