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Sigma Alpha Iota Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

Thanks to Greek Gear's colorful selection of Sigma Alpha Iota Recreational and Seasonal Items, you can have a good time with your friends while celebrating your sorority's rich tradition of upholding the highest standards of music.

What's more fun than sharing laughs, memories and your favorite songs around a campfire with your sorority sisters and friends? Relax in a portable Recreational Chair when you're enjoying these special moments. It has everything you need, including a sturdy back and cup holders, and it can be easily folded up for transport.

If your brand of fun involves an oven, stove and a table top of delicious ingredients, get yourself a white Sigma Alpha Iota Apron. You'll feel like you're on a cooking show as you're making batches of cookies and Italian dinners for your sorority sisters. Personalize this apron with a cute phrase, like “Lick the Bowl" or “Chef Karen." By the way, be sure to check out the “Blankets and Home Goods" section for a set of sorority cookie cutters that you'll love to bake with.

Invest in Sigma Alpha Iota Recreational and Seasonal Items for the whole chapter to use during the school year. Some items can be customized to your specific preferences, while others are already pre-designed for members of your organization.