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Sigma Alpha Iota Stickers & Decals

If there is one category of Sigma Alpha Iota items that you should definitely check out while you're here shopping at Greek Gear, it's our selection of Stickers and Decals. They're bright, beautiful and priced to fit right into your sorority budget.

Use a Sigma Alpha Iota Mascot Round Decal to decorate your instrument case or bag. It's a bright red sticker that's plastered with your sorority name and large white Greek letters at the center. An image of golden pan pipes is featured at the top. To put a full depiction of the SAI crest in your dorm room, get a Crest Window Decal -- it will look perfect positioned at the corner of your bathroom mirror.

If you have a car that you use around campus, we have a few stickers that you can apply to your windows or bumper. The Long Window Decal Sticker is about 17 inches long and is ideally sized to stretch across the back window of your vehicle. Add an I Love Sigma Alpha Iota Bumper sticker to your cart to add to the current collection on the back bumper of your vehicle.

Want a special but affordable Greek gift? Give a Sigma Alpha Iota lady a selection of colorful Stickers and Decals from Greek Gear.