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Sigma Alpha Made Fast Items

We're confident that the Sisters in Agriculture will be happy with the selection of Sigma Alpha Easy to Order Made Fast Items that we've compiled for your members here at Greek Gear.

When you're getting ready for the Emerald Ball, you want everything to be just right -- even the cover you wear on your cellphone. We have a really pretty Polka Dots Phone Cover for Sigma Alpha members. It's emerald green with a gold circle at the center containing your Greek letters. Picture how beautiful it will look when you're taking pictures of your dress in the bathroom mirror with your friends.

You can carry a lot of garden supplies in the Custom Satin Stitch Tote Bag, including seeds, weeders and trowels. The Sigma Alpha logo is sim stitched to the front in your sorority colors. We also have a long-sleeved shirt you can wear when gardening that's cool enough to tolerate warm sunny days -- the World Famous Crest Long-Sleeve T-Shirt.

Spread the word about your sorority's love and dedication for the science of agriculture by wearing more Sigma Alpha paraphernalia at school this year. These sorority items are easy to order, made fast and manufactured with high quality materials.