Sigma Alpha Car Merchandise & License Plates

Going to college is even more fun when you go Greek, and it's even more convenient when you have a car on campus. If both cases apply to you, take a moment to order some Sigma Alpha Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames from Greek Gear today.

If you're a car lover who cares about the small details, like getting your car washed weekly with a tire shine and wax, you'll appreciate the variety of items that we have to offer here. Everything has a touch of emerald or maize or both. For example, the Car Mats for Sigma Alphas are imprinted with large green and yellow Greek letters and smaller black text at the bottom. They're white with a black border and will fit the floors of most cars and trucks.

Have you been driving around for some time without a plate on the front of your car? Rectify that situation today by ordering a Monogram License Plate. It's the most gorgeous shade of green with a golden circular Greek-lettered badge positioned at the center. If your sorority house has a garden, hang this plate from a nearby fence.

You don't even have to have a car to use these Sigma Alpha Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames. You can also use them in your bedroom or office.