Sigma Alpha Blankets, Pillows & Home Goods

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Your time spent at home is precious, so make every moment count. Whenever you get a free moment to spend time with your sorority sisters, pull out your pair of Sigma Alpha Cookie Cutters and get ready for some fun in the kitchen. The set includes your two Greek letters shaped so that you can create little letter-shaped cookies. Can you think of a better way to eat a sweet treat?

Find your "happy place" when wrapped up in the comfort of a Huge Laser Blanket. As the name suggests, it's an extra large blanket that should fit over most dorm room beds. There's a place on the blanket where you can add custom text, such as your nickname or dorm room number. That way it will always find its way home. This sorority blanket is shown in charcoal, but dark green is also available.

Movie time and series binges will be even more enjoyable when you have Sigma Alpha Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods to relax with. Order something nice for yourself or a fellow member from this section today!