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Sigma Chi Sweatshirts

Sigma Chi Sweatshirts

We think it's time to take your sweatshirt and hoodie collection to the next level. Order something brand spanking new from our selection of Sigma Chi Sweatshirts.

Fall weather is so much more enjoyable to experience when you have a warm sweatshirt handy. One way to stay warm is to keep a Sewn Lettered Sweatshirt tied to your bag when you're headed to a late afternoon class, in case the weather drops unexpectedly. It comes in a crewneck or hoodie to protect your head and neck.

We also have additional styles of sweatshirts for you to order, like the Sigma Chi Letterman Hoodie. Your fraternity name is screen printed across the front in an arched design. If you prefer to wear a hoodie that displays more of your organization's symbols, get the Crest Emblem Hooded Sweatshirt. The fraternal coat of arms appears at the heart of the shirt in blue and old gold. Best of all, this particular hoodie only costs around $20 with low cost shipping to your school.

Aren't you excited to know that you have a limitless supply of Sigma Chi Sweatshirts to wear throughout the school year? Every semester you're in attendance, just order a new one in a different color!