Sigma Delta Tau Paddles

If someone asks you "what's your ideal sorority gift," tell them to order you one of these Sigma Delta Tau Paddles or Picture Frames. These are gifts that are highly valued by members of all groups.

There are numerous ways that you can design you own paddle when you use the tools that we provide online. For instance, when you choose a style from the Greek sorority paddles link, you can choose a pre-designed paddle and add information or pick a blank paddle and start with a clean canvas. We even have wooden products that are shaped like your symbols (see the Wooden Symbol Plaques).

Capture your best moments in more than just your phone or digital camera by featuring your photos in pretty sorority picture frames. The Block Picture Frame is one of the most popular ones, as is the Chevron frame with blue and white stripes. If you have a special photo of yourself and a sister at a regional or state meeting, dressed to the nines, put it in a Black Brush Frame to hang above your desk.

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