Sigma Delta Tau Buttons, Pins & Magnets

What better way to express how true you are to your sorority than with bright and colorful Greek Gear, like Sigma Delta Tau Buttons, Pins and Magnets. As you can see, there's plenty of color and variety in store for SDT members.

Be the most para'd down hostess ever when you wear all of the buttons that come in the Sorority Buttons 6 Pack for SDT members to your next event. There's a button that features The Torch along with your letters, another that tells the world how "hot" your sorority is and another that puts a number on how committed you are to your organization (110%). You can also buy these buttons individually.

For even more colorful choices, see the Button Set containing three pins ranging from 1.25 to 2.25 inches round in size. One is a nice addition to the lapel of a peacoat or blazer while the others are more suited for spontaneous sorority fun.

When Greek Week or Rush Week rolls around, you'll be ready to go with plenty of gear, including Sigma Delta Tau Buttons, Pins and Magnets. Be sure to pin or tweet your friends to let them know what you just bought at Greek Gear!